On the right you will find a picture of an abandoned farm house.  Did this become this way because of taxes?  Or is it a case that the children did not want to continue this life style and moved on to the city in search of the big money?  Or perhaps there were no children and the end result is shown above.
This is not the only picture like this, you can find the same scenario anywhere you drive in Rural America.


The City, Perhaps this is where it is at.

The answer had to be in the small cities where at one time was the focal point for the surrounding farms.  This was the place where friends and neighbors congregated and enjoyed times together.  A place where the Ma & Pa stores, restaurants and churches provided a friendly atmosphere and spiritual bonding.

The picture on the right doesn't need much explaining as to how wrong I was to assume that the answer lied within the small cities.  Since the answer was not here, there was only one other place where it could be.

Welcome to Corporate America the place where a few control so much.  The world of franchise business and fast food restaurants.

Rest in peace


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